Hey, I’m Nova. I created The Spinning Pen to be a place where authors & book lovers could gather to find community, share writing tips, book reviews, interviews, and more!
I write YA–action/thrillers, contemporary, and fantasy.  (Check out http://www.novamcbee.com to read more about me & my books. There is also some awesome FILM news regarding my first book!!)
I’m represented by Amy Jameson at A + B Works Literary. My film option/adaption is represented by One Door Studios.
I’m a PitchWars advocate–I was a 2016 mentee. It changed my writing life forever.
If you’re an author & want to be interviewed or a reader and want to review a book contact me: at: thespinningpen@gmail.com or on www.novamcbee.com Follow & chat with me on Instagram or twitter!



View More: http://angielphotography.pass.us/candacerobinson-feb2016Can dance, Kansas, canned ice, can do, can can, China… these seemingly unrelated words have one common theme. They’re my name.Let me clarify—I respond to them. My name is Candace and in case you happen to have a plethora of Candace’s in your life, you would distinguish me as the one from China or the one who always seems to find her way into some sort of crazy adventure or ridiculous predicament. I write YA Fantasy. Let’s connect on LinkedIn or Twitter!




stairscrcorrectHi, I’m Katie Wong. I’ve been jotting down stories since I was sixteen and read a badly-written book that made me realize: I can do this! I started writing fan-fiction to hone my skills, and I still enjoy reading novel-length fanfic. During university I worked at a publishing house (just in operations). But it gave me an even better idea of what I enjoy doing in the publishing world. I write YA sci-fi and fantasy genres. Feel free to contact me on my tumblr.




Ellen McGIntyHi, I’m Ellen, a Texas-born writer living in Japan. I’ve always loved books and dreamed of either writing stories or living them like Indiana Jones. And I imagine that I’ve found a magical mixture of both as a working mom raising three boys in the world’s largest metropolis.
I’m a long-time member of SCBWI, was selected for PitchSlam and Pitch2Publication, and volunteer as an editor for TEENSPublish, a program to teach and inspire teen authors. I currently write YA contemporary and fantasy. I’m represented by Kaitlyn Johnson at Belcastro Literary Agency. You can find out more about me and my books at www.ellenmcginty.wordpress.com
 When I’m not working you’ll often find me exploring off-the-beaten-path Japan or reading old books with a cup of tea. You can find me on Instagram / Twitter. 


Hey! I’m Dana Black, and I’m in love with Story. After a turn as an angsty teen poet, I slowly settled into the realm of writing novels for those awesome teens instead. I love mixing the conventional with the fantastic, and my projects range from princesses with illegal magic to teens in a government leadership training academy on a mysterious island to time-traveling siblings on a mission to save history from an evil organization. You can find me on social media (Twitter, Instagram).



(ON HIATUS) My name is Abigail and fairy tales are my jam. My notebook is filled with descriptions of the world, snippets of poetry, and dramatized scenes of the mundane aspects of my life (cue the lovely paragraph on my morning coffee ritual). Outside of my writing, I love throwing tea parties, mentoring, swing dancing, and spending time with my marvelous family. And music. I adore music. You can find me on social media (Twitter, Instagram).




My name’s Noah Dingman and I live in the beautiful state of Washington. Seriously, I could never get tired of all the green (to be fair, it is my favorite color). I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember and I’ve loved to write for nearly just as long. If I’m not reading or writing, you’ll find me singing, dancing, running, hanging out with friends or watching my younger siblings. If I’m not doing any of those, I’m probably sleeping. Connect with me: Twitter / Instagram.



QNVzZMkd_400x400Caleb Robinson. MG & YA writer….”At a deeply secretive college in an unknown location between a floating mountain and a cloud city, I study the shadowy and dark arts of… Chemistry. Well, at least I do until my writing decides to turn itself into a full-time job that actually pays (opposed to just being my full-time hobby that doesn’t). Until that time, I am content studying tiny things we can’t see (chemistry), playing basketball, reading (shocking), being an RA, and just hanging out with other humans or other creatures. I have been writing stories since the day I learned to form sentences with crayons.” Connect with me: Instagram / Twitter


Picture of WesleyWesley O’Bryan loves to write. He’d lived for many years happily unaware of this fact, but then one afternoon he discovered to his horror that he was over three hundred pages into a novel. To this day he swears that what he feels is indeed love and not Stockholm syndrome. He lives next to the scenic mountains and stinking Salt Lake of Utah in the eponymous city thereof where he is known by sight if not by name at many a coffee shop. He indulgently posts his writing at www.writtenplaces.com



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