Childhood Influences

Reflect for a moment on the special books that embody your childhood; those stories you still hold clearly in your mind, even if you haven’t picked them up for a reread in years.

I like to ask fellow book lovers what pivotal books they read as children or teenagers, because it’s often a window into who they are today – sometimes a window that I might not have glimpsed or understood without the shared love of reading.

I want to talk about the books that helped shape us, the stories and the characters that molded us (consciously or not) into the people and readers we are today.

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Use Music to Inspire Your Writing

Frau mit Kopfhšrer in DŠmmerung (von hinten)

I almost always write to music.

This habit began as more of a personality quirk; I could never study in school unless I had absolute silence (difficult to procure) or music to drown out other sounds. This translated well to writing, especially when I used to write while I worked (during downtime!) as the surrounding noise often pulled me out of my writing head-space and made staying in the flow of the story difficult. Continue reading

Tricks to Selecting the Perfect Story Ideas


Some people call it a muse, while others say they get their inspiration from everyday things: people or events that catch their imagination in just the right way. Sometimes it’s something as simple as reading a story that ends differently than you’d wanted it to, sparking your imagination into how it should have gone, if the pen was in your hand[i].

Wherever your story idea emerges from, the next (and sometimes worst) part can be determining if the idea is worth keeping. I don’t mean jotting down a note to yourself about an idea – that’s never a waste of time.

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