Feature Friday

Hey Authors~ Starting today, on Fridays, we will feature new people involved in the writing world, unpublished and published authors, editors, agents. Please find our contact information if you are interested in being one of them.

Today’s feature is an aspiring unpublished writer. We present…

Picture of Wesley

SP: Who are you and how did you start writing?

My name is Wesley O’Bryan. I became a writer by accident two years ago when I moved to Salt Lake City. With no friends and nothing but time on my hands I decided to spend the day at a coffee shop and start work on a story that I’d been thinking about for several years. That day I discovered that I absolutely loved writing.

SP: What do you write?

I write fiction with ambiguous genres. My stories tend to bounce around between science fiction and fantasy. I’m currently working on a second draft on my one completed story, but have three or for other stories that I bounce between when I need a break.

SP: Any writing tips for us?

My dad wasn’t an author, but he was a very funny writer and definitely one of the reasons I grew up enjoying writing. He gave me my very first stylistic critique: I remember sitting in his lap and dictating stories to him while he typed them into his computer when he suggested that I stop using “and then” as a transition between every sentence.

SP: What are you working on now?

My completed story called, The God of Anthem.

Here is a blurb:

The gods dispassionately reign over a world brought to near destruction after centuries of war. What’s left of the human race lives on the floors of an enormous tower, constructed thousands of years before for their protection. Canon, a young temple guard, has grown up in the tower obsessed with the stories of heroes from humanity’s history and wishing for an adventure of his own. He discovers stories are very different from real life when he is forced into the service of the God of Evening. Struggling to follow the dictates of Evening, Canon finds himself in the center of a conflict between a pantheon of evil gods and the last humans on earth fighting for their very survival.

I think the story is quite good, but I’m also biased.

SP: How can we find you or read more of your work?

If you’re interested in reading my work, I sporadically post chapters and scenes from my stories on my blog at www.writtenplaces.com.

SP: Thank you Wesley! We are cheering you on as you journey towards publication!

A special thanks to everyone at The Spinning Pen for featuring my writing this week!

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