Feature Friday

Pen Friends, todays feature is a Canadian poet and aspiring novelist.

Welcome Natalie Bearg!


SP: Who are you?

My name is Natalie and though I was born in Canada I don’t consider it home. I actually spent much of my growing up years in Asia, mostly Mongolia. It may be because as an introvert I tend to live inside my own head but writing has always appealed to me, especially poetry.

SP: What all do you write?

I love to write poetry, but in terms of fiction I write fantasy, steampunk themed stories with maybe some supernatural elements thrown in there, and heart wrenchers 🙂

SP: What am I working on now?

Life, The Afterlife, & Everything Inbetween — That’s what I’m calling my story at the moment.  It’s a story that I started for nanowrimo in 2011 and the book is about just that. It’s a fantasy that follows a young girl who is trying to find herself in the world.

SP: Where can we learn more about you? Read your work?

I have a wattpad account where I post my different pieces. If you want to check it out click here.

SP: After completing something like NanoWrimo, you must have a writing tip for us.  

I have more than one-is that ok? The first one, while it may not work for everyone, I found it really helpful when writing nanowrimo to divide up the 50,000 word count into days or weeks. That way I could plan out the fact that I need to write at least 1,666.67 words a day or roughly 11,666.67 words a week. 🙂 Another tip when writing, be it for a challenge or not, write it all down!!!! Even if you’re out shopping or taking your dog for a walk. If you start thinking of a scene or start building a character in your mind, find some way to write it down because you never know when you might use it. I have stolen characters and scenes that I created for other potential stories and stuck them in new ones simply because they fit that story line better. The more material you can use the better. And now I know people watching can be awkward sometimes but if you’re stuck with a character, observing real people in action can provide so much insight.

SP: Thank you Natalie and good luck!

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