Feature Friday: Caleb Robinson

Pen Friends~ Today’s feature is aspiring author Caleb Robinson to share about his first book.


SP: Who are you?

My name is Caleb Robinson, and I sometimes call myself a writer. I say this because I am a high school student in southern United States where sports are the religion. Writing isn’t exactly something that makes you a whole lot of friends, so for the first three years of high school, I kept my writing on the down-low. Luckily, I was able to break out of that shell and own up to my passion. Most of my friends know that I’m currently writing a novel, and you know what, they’re really encouraging about it! I am currently playing soccer and just trying to make it through my senior year in one piece. I plan to attend college (though I have no idea which one) and earn a degree in something or other (I’m clearly really good at making life decisions). The end goal is to pay my way through college by either working or playing soccer for a college team. I’m hoping that I’ll have time to write even in the craziness of college!

SP: What do you write?

I write fiction. Shocker, I know. I’m not really going to put myself in a box by saying what genre or for what audience because that could change at any minute, as most writers know. I will say that I love anything where survival is the goal. For me, nothing makes a book more interesting or intense then when the characters’ very lives, or even the lives of a city, kingdom, or solar system are at stake.

SP: What are you working on now?

Right now I’m writing a book set in the medieval kingdoms of Arlos, Vorn, and Ostfold. The book has yet to be named (again with the decision making abilities) but I’ve planned it out to the best of my ability and currently have just over 10,000 words under my belt. I thought about making it a trilogy, but I think that since this is the first real book I’ve written, it’s best to keep it simple. Although I will admit that I’m writing quite a few side plots within the book that I can build off of if I later choose to write another book in the series.

SP: Best writing scenario?

I’m a simple guy. Free time and silence is pretty much what I need to get it done. That and motivation. But that’s a topic for another time. Typically I write in my school library during the hours I’m supposed to be working on online classes. If I were able to choose any environment to write in, I guess it’d be a bit different. I would write somewhere with extremely comfortable chairs and couches with nice wooden tables, fast WiFi, excessive amounts of sunlight, an unlimited supply of Coke or hot chocolate (depends on the mood), a nice breeze, and an awesome film score playing in my headphones for motivation. Basically anywhere but the physics class I’m writing in right now. Don’t worry, I finished my work first.

SP: What is your writing tip for us?

My writing tip is this: plan a little bit before you start so that you know where you’re going, and then just write without stopping. I have a rule that I can’t revise until I’ve finished the chapter completely. Without that rule, I lose the flow completely and end up editing and editing over and over again because I’m a huge perfectionist in my writing. I know some people that say not to edit at all until you’ve finished the first draft completely, but I’m personally incapable of that. So write and keep writing, stop a little to look over chapters if you need, but then move on quickly!

SP: Thanks Caleb!  We enjoyed having you and wish you the best in decision making and  finishing your novel!

Thanks for featuring me! I love the blog and have already used a ton of the tips in my novel. You guys are pretty swell!

Pen friends, check out Caleb’s Instagram account @write_or_left for writing inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Caleb Robinson

  1. If you need some good writing inspiration music, check out Thomas Bergersen’s Sun and Audiomachine’s Chronicles!! I love epic movie soundtracks to brainstorm and write too.


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