Feature Friday: Chelsea Smith

Pen Friends~ Today’s feature is aspiring YA fantasy author Chelsea Smith to share about one of her novels.

Welcome Chelsea!


SP: Who are you?

My name is Chelsea M. Smith.

SP: What do you write?

I try to write a little bit of everything. My publications consist mostly of romance shorts under a pseudonym and nonfiction articles here and there, but mostly I like to write fantasy for all ages from chapter books to YA. I’ve also been working on delving into contemporary fiction, verse, screenplays, and comic scripts.

SP: What are you working on now?

My active project is a YA that explores the darker aspects of fairy lore, particularly those from Wales, though I always have more than one project in the planning stages at any given time.

SP: Best writing scenario?

This is almost never the way it works out, but I love a day when I get so sucked into a story that I just can’t stop. Preferably with a scented candle burning, tea or wine, and a comfy couch cushion that doesn’t keep sliding out from underneath me. 

SP: What is your writing tip for us?

Get visceral with it. Describe it using all five senses. If it doesn’t make you feel queasy or giddy or cold or jittery, the audience won’t feel it, either.

SP: Thanks Chelsea!  We enjoyed having you and wish you the best of luck on the journey to get published!

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