How to Train a Writer

Writers are a special breed of human. To help your writer grow, please put them
immediately in (large or small, mainly clean) pens with other writers. (i.e. writers partnerskatienovalitfest or groups, conferences, book fests, libraries.) Give them hours talking about imaginary scenarios and people and places.

2016-04-06 12.40.23They’ll need some kind food and drink. Coffee and tea have been proven to stimulate growth in
terms of word count and their behavior will stabilize enough to focus on plot. Feed them books regularly. If you find they like a certain kind, add more to the diet.

For healthy writers, exercise is essential. Hours of writing, and practicing writing is novaisraelencouraged daily, except on play-day. *Staring at screens, or tapping on keys while staring at screens is normal.No one is quite sure what causes the tapping.
2016-04-06 15.14.22Writers are creatures of solitude. If you hear them talking to themselves, its not likely a  sign of concern, some even attribute this to genius. Let them be, even for hours if you must. If they emerge with a smile, then germination has taken place and you should rejoice with a cheeseburger. On the contrast, if they materialize with messy hair (think struck with lightening), red eyes, and a beastly gaze, give them chocolate immediately, and wait.2016-04-07 17.56.17

Writers struggle with identity. They often wonder if they are indeed in the writer family – or if they should marry out. Clean their ears, make them wash out their mouths from questioning such things and simply say: Yes, you are a writer. Don’t give up.

Writers must interact with other species too, for both research and entertainment–or they become really weird.

But be careful: If isolated long enough from their species, they begin to morph into a normal human being. The words in their veins slowly dry up, and the stories sink deep into their soul and are remembered only as dreams. If this happens, the world, sadly, will miss out on an incredible story that may have changed a life.
If you own a writer, take note of these things. Thanks.View More:

The SP Writer Research and Development Center.





Nova, signing off from China.


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