Prompt: Lights Out


Before the lights went out, I saw him…

What happens next?

Throw back to The City of Ember. Finish this prompt in 500 words or less. Send us yours at . We will select our favorite to be shared with our readers.

3 thoughts on “Prompt: Lights Out

  1. Light’s out Prompt#4: Desolation

    Before the lights went out, I saw him…

    Wait, did I? Did I just see the one man, the brilliant architect, that can take my best friend and I to survival? I realize my mind may be playing tricks on me as the sun sets on yet another lonely, post-apocalyptic day. But Charlie is losing blood by the hour from the massive cut in his leg. It was like that knife-like glass from the broken window was waiting on his leg to arrive. It sliced perfectly through the muscle, down to the bone. We are out of water, out of supplies, and the remnants of our sanity is questionable, at best. With Charlie’s infection worsening in his leg, the gaping wound is prompting him to give up. I can feel him giving in to the fear, solitude, and emptiness which envelops us.

    I call out. Charlie’s emotionless face wincing at the volume of my desperate plea for help. I wipe the beads of sweat from his brow after tying the gurney a bit tighter on his swollen femur. My voice cracks, “Don’t fall asleep. Stay awake because they are coming for us.” Charlie does not reply. I realize his time is limited, which frightens me. The guilt sets in as I am not sure what frightens me more. The fear of losing my best friend or the fear of dying alone. My breath catches as I think about what may come next. I call out again. It’s a call, which says nothing and everything at the same time. I hear a voice, an inaudible word, but I am desperate for it be him. I wait as a tear slides down my cheek. I pray because there is nothing left to do.

    Then I see it. Flashes of lights as he approaches. The floodgates open and tears free-fall, wetting my cheeks. “Charlie! Charlie, wake-up,” I encourage. “He’s here! We’re saved, wake up. Charlie?”

    I collapse over my friend’s lifeless body as I realize this man is now only coming to my rescue…

    ~Allison Voltaire



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