Prompt Reply: Lights Out

Pen Friends ~ Thanks to everyone who submitted their prompts! Our selected prompt this week is written by Lily Cushman. Please enjoy her creativity! Please also enjoy Allison Voltaire’s prompt in the comments on the original post.


Prompt 1# Lily Cushman, Alaska, 17,

“Before the lights went out, I saw him,” Elisabeth whispered to Lyda in the dim light of the bomb shelter. “I swear that was Jack. But they pulled the soldiers out to get in the lorries. I saw him!”

“I believe you!” whispered Lyda. “But how are we going to find him again?”

“It’s always a matter of questions. We just have to ask the right person.”

“And not get shot,” Lyda supplied.

“Right. And not get shot.” Elisabeth didn’t know what to do.

Jack, her husband, had been sitting across the bomb shelter where they had hidden from the Jerries. He had almost recognized her behind the dirty film that was smeared on her face. And then there had been an eardrum-rattling blast, and the lights had gone out. Dirt and rocks had fallen around them from the ceiling. No one was hurt and thank God there was no cave-in. When someone had finally lit a lamp, all of the soldiers were leaving, taken in trucks to another field hospital. Jack was gone, too.

Elisabeth felt like crying. But she couldn’t. She had to be strong for Jack. Whatever came, she would find her husband. For now, seeing him was enough. He was alive, and she would see him again.

Next time, he would see her, too.

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