Meet Dana, Our New Staff Contributor


Pen Friends,

Meet Dana Black! She’s our newest Staff Contributor and will be our Book Review Guru! If you’ve got a YA book you want to share with the world, send your review to Dana through our contact page!

WE give you….

Hey! I’m Dana, and I’m in love with Story.
Why does that sound like a confession? It’s not—it’s a proud declaration.
This love story began as a child of around four, when I first set foot in Narnia alongside my dad and older brother. I haven’t looked back since.

After a turn as an angsty teen poet, I slowly settled into the realm of writing novels for those awesome teens instead. I love mixing the conventional with the fantastic, and my projects range from princesses with illegal magic to teens in a government leadership training academy on a mysterious island to time-traveling siblings on a mission to save history from an evil organization.
When I’m not penning stories, you might find me exploring the wonderland of my Pacific Northwest home, taking pictures, dreaming of returning to Europe, and baking for my friends and family. And I always still check the insides of wardrobes, just in case.



Find Dana on Twitter and Instagram: @MissDanaBlack

Find her latest book reviews here and here.

Find a blurb of one of Dana’s projects below.

The Heir of Draven: With a month to save her mother’s reign, it’s up to seventeen-year-old princess Livy and an illegal magic-wielding secret society to bring her presumed-dead father home and protect magic from being destroyed for good. Trouble is, her father might not want to come back, and Livy’s not sure she wants him to, either.


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