Book Review: Sunset Rising


Title: Sunset Rising Series

Author(s): S.M McEachern

Publisher: Clownfish Publishing

Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy

Rating: 4 out of 5


There are four main words I use for the Sunset Rising series by S.M. McEachern: I love these books.

These books will have your heart pounding on two levels. The obvious is the rich, action-packed scenes that flow seamlessly one to the other. The other is how Sunny and Jack demonstrate a heart-deep courage to be vulnerable and to change.

Action? That’s common enough in young adult literature. Embracing vulnerability and trust? That is a deep breath of invigoratingly fresh air. Sunny and Jack take a firm grasp of the kind of love that changes them and everyone around them. The kind of love that looks past offence; forges through pain and past generations of hatred to forgiveness; refuses to give into to self-pity; and arms itself with trust, hope, and perseverance to plough through wave after wave of opposition, doubt and fear. They are honest with each other, especially when honesty represents a huge personal risk. And they make their needs known, not hiding them.

My only real disappointment was with Dena. She seemed a cliche attempt to be politically correct.

Great plot. Deep issues. Inspiring characters. I highly recommend these books, and I want to know what happens next.

Review by Sarah Kovin Snyder

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