Welcome Back Abigail O’Bryan!

Pen Friends ~ Celebrate with us. Abigail is once again our Spinning Pen Staff Contributor, and this makes the world well again 🙂 During her absence, she got MARRIED! Congrats and *swoon*, she married Sci-fi Writer & artist, Wesley O’Bryan)


Her return got us thinking. We never officially introduced our staff as we launched this blog, so we will, starting with Abigail.

So attention all of you YA readers, writers, agents, and Beauty and the Beast fans — you will quickly want to acquaint yourselves with her name.

First, her captivating retelling of Beauty and Beast, IRON ROSE, will do three things to your heart: still it with its gorgeous literary prose, seize it with it’s mystery, action and conflict, and steal it with its depth of love. She’s  currently seeking representation. Check out a blurb and excerpt here.

Second, the girl is just one of those oh-my-goodness-how-14470413_1305316019492430_935889262881899353_nare-you-so-talented type of girls. She dances and plays cello and travels…and the list continues. Let’s hear from the girl herself, huh?

Finally, WE give you….


Hey! My name is Abigail and fairy tales are my jam.

I love picking out the holes in the plots and characters and those explorations/answers turn into my stories, which sometimes stray far from the original tale…But my writing isn’t confined to fairy tales. My notebook is filled with descriptions of the world, snippets of poetry, and dramatized scenes of the mundane aspects of my life (cue the lovely paragraph on my morning coffee ritual).

Outside of my writing, I love throwing tea parties, mentoring, swing dancing, and spending time with my marvelous family.

And music. I adore music.13138992_10207467285458236_4767113764202324653_n


Find Abigail on twitter (which she just joined, so welcome her there!) @Abigail_OBryan  and on Instagram: @abigialwrites 


Her new posts will be up soon, but in the meantime, check out a few of her other blog posts here and  here and here

IRON ROSE blurb:

After the Crimson Lord’s bloody march on Samar slaughtering thousands including Lydia’s parents, Lydia has dedicated her life to destroying him. Her and her brother, now clanless and alone are taken in by the rebellion army general who she succeeds to become leader of the rebellion.
Lydia knows strength comes at a price and sacrifices keep adding up. But when Lydia’s attempt to unite the clans results in the braving of a mysterious beast, fighting of an ancient curse, and solving her family’s past, Lydia must face what she has become and choose between sacrifice and love.
IRON ROSE is a reimagining of beauty and the beast in the_essential_guide_to_your_first_drafta world of wars, curses, and indefatigable hope. Finished at 100k.
Email Abigail or any of the SP gang at: thespinningpen@gmail.com

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