Milestone Giveaway Winners Announced!


And drumroll…..WE HAVE OUR 4 WINNERS!!

Drawn at random through Rafflecopter are these four writers:

**Rebecca Henry

**Wesley O’Bryan

**Victoria Roberts

**Rayna Reveur


And…we decided to give away a bonus fifth critique… Congratulations to Kerryn Shaw!

Winners, please follow directions below.

To everyone else, thanks to all who have participated, contributed, and joined us on this writing journey — you took us much farther than we could have gone alone!! We are so grateful for you!



Winners please email your first chapter (up to 2500 words) and a brief back-cover style summary of your book to thespinningpen @ (without the spaces). We will confirm details after we receive your story. Thanks so much and we look forward to reading your work!

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