Guest Post: What do you do with Failure?

Where are you in your writing journey? Are you NaNoing? Writing? Querying? On sub to publishers? In the midst of revisions? Taking time to read and improve your craft? Nurturing the seed of an amazing idea that’s taking root in your imagination?

Whichever of those things you are doing, or if you’re in a completely different place all together, I would like to take a minute to talk about something a lot of people would rather avoid.

No one likes to experience it, and a lot of us hold back on our dreams to shelter ourselves. But you know what? I’m a huge advocate for failing. I say let’s fail. Let’s fail BIG TIME.

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What’s a Pitch?

In honor of the Pitch Wars Agent Showcase opening — (November 3-9th, and yes, you should go check it out!) I wanted to take a moment to talk about writing the Pitch, Query, and synopsis.


PitchWars-Logo When you are finished with your MS (manuscript) and start your search for an agent, your next steps will include, in some way, writing and employing these : The pitch, the synopsis, the query.

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