Becoming a Better Writer: A Guest Post by Fiona Claire

CloverWhen you’re surrounded by a lush, green landscape, crumbling medieval castles, and ancient stone circles, writer’s block isn’t a thing.

I live in Ireland. And I’m a writer. Those two things seem to go hand-in-hand. It’s no coincidence that some mighty scribes have lived here. William Butler Yeats, Anne Enright, Oscar Wilde, Roddy Doyle, C.S.Lewis and John Banville all called Ireland home at one time or another. I think that’s because the land on this island is fertile, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually too. It feels like stories come up out of the ground, grab me by the ankle, and demand, “Write me!Continue reading

Writing A Novel That Sells Workshop

Pen Friends ~ At the Spinning Pen, we take our writing seriously, but all of us are also hopelessly infected with wanderlust. So when we learned that editor and multi-published authors Lorie Langdon and Heather Webb  put the two together, (in the dreamy setting of Ireland no less) we couldn’t resist!

A writing workshop and an international adventure with two established authors, you say?

It gets better: Continue reading