Best Christmas (or Holiday) Story Ever Contest


Away from Home for the Holidays

Details: For the holiday season, we would love two things: a story that will draw us into all of those sentiments surrounding Christmas or the holiday season. Makes us yearn for home. Make us laugh. Make us cry, or both! As for the second, we want a challenge! We want to practice writing something we might not write otherwise. Join us!

Rules: In 2500 words or less, give us your best story based on the theme: Away from Home for the Holidays. Send your story to

Deadline: December 23 at 12 noon Pacific time is the last day you can turn in your story.

Prize: The winning story will be posted on our blog and all social media sites ON CHRISTMAS DAY for everyone to read. *We will also give you feedback on your writing and why we chose your story.

Surprise: We will post something unexpected that day — so watch for it!

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