The Spinning Pen Girl: A Call for Artists


An artist to bring the Spinning Pen girl to life.spinning-pen-focused-colorful-square-flowers

The Spinning Pen Girl in Rome, illustrated by Sarah Kovin Synder ***A huge thanks to Sarah for bringing our first ever SP girl to life!
The Spinning Pen Team has long dreamed of an icon for our blog, and well, our icon turned  into a “she” and she had a personality and an obsession with writing and books.
Now, we are calling out to all artists to see her depicted in many ways and scenes. The pictures sent to us will be published on our blog or social media and possibly even more. The artists will receive credit and adoring glory (from us!)


“The Spinning Pen Girl” is a modern day girl, obsessed with writing novels and devouring the latest YA books. She never leaves the house without her backpack/satchel that always carries her  MAC book, pens, journals, latest library book/kindle, cell phone, and headphones, etc.


At all times she carries something with her, a Spinning Pen –a quill. This quill, a classic symbol of writing, is a reminder of what brings her peace and quiet and joy in the big mess of life in a crazy, fast paced world.

*Possible scenes/depictions:

~The SP girl in a cafe. Are boys trying to get her attention, but she is locked onto the computer to notice? Is she colored? White? Red-haired? Asian? Punk? Classic? Quiet?
~The SP girl on a vespa. & On occasion she rides on the back of a vespa and even tries to write while riding (but never while driving!)
~The SP girl hugging her “boyfriend?” but behind his back tries to type on her computer or capture her latest idea on a note pad.
~The SP girl at a fancy dinner, trying to write on her phone or play or sneak in a chapter at a movie theater.
~The SP girl can be drawn anywhere. She loves nature, the city, cafes, traveling on a trains, planes, buses, riding horseback, traveling, hiking, libraries, drinking coffee, or tea. She is everywhere, but don’t forget her quill!


We will also need a Spinning Pen Boy to match this writing-obsessed girl.

Do you love drawing? Can you help us find our Spinning Pen Girl/Boy? Submissions open until December 25th 2017.
Please send all artwork to

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