A Prompt-Reply: Spies

Their ideal base for retreat and restocking for the next mission.

The mountains were green, thick, and peaceful. It was hard to believe that danger was not far from us. I dipped my hand into the water-blue, clear, and icy-cold. The water had kept us alive; it brought our supplies, and it would carry us toward our mission tonight.

The very element that offered protection ushered us into unknown territories. I want to scream, kick, and rebel against the command that we need to not only accomplish this task but succeed.

In much uncertainty, I looked around. I reassessed our position in relation to the elements around us. Frustrated because the mountains take such a strong stance, and I am crippled by fear. Shocked because the water was so much colder than I remembered it to be, and the very touch sucked the warmth out of my fingers.

In much uncertainty, I took at him with doubt. I did not say it but, but I wanted to run away. I wish my commitment to the mission can be refunded. He looked at me, so piercing, and shook me, gently. His look and touch was so affirming.

The supernatural download of his courage reassured me. I dipped my hands into the water-blue, clear, and icy-cold, but no longer afraid. I feel more anchored than the mountain that stood before me. The mission seemed minuscule, and I felt invincible.

We went into the water. This time not just my hand, but we had charged our entire body into the water. I let it carry us; with each stroke we took, we brushed away the hesitations that we once had. With each stroke we took, we charged into our worst fear but with no regrets.

Big thanks to Ruby Ma for sending in her Prompt Reply!


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