Book Review: “You Are Mine” by Janeal Falor

Book Review: YOU ARE MINE

Title: You Are Mine

Author: Janeal Falor

It sounds so grim. And, in many ways, it is. But this is also a story about hope, healing, and redemption.

Serena was emotionally and verbally abused since childhood. In her world, women had no rights. No voice. Serena was a “mistake”; the first of fifteen mistakes, actually. Her father wanted a son, and so he sold Serena to the highest bidder the moment she was of marriageable age. Because Serena had a lot of magic in her blood, her new owner was a man of prestige and wealth, but he was also just as cruel as her father. However, an unexpected turn of events left her fiancé dead, and Serena unwillingly transferred to the ownership of a foreign barbarian named Zade. A barbarian her father despises, and everyone distrusts. A barbarian who, she slowly realises, is kinder and more humane than any man she has ever met.

Janeal Falor’s “You Are Mine” will take you into a world of brokenness and atrocities hardly imaginable. Yet it is also a journey into hope and inner healing. It will leave you wondering, “How much of this book is based on reality?” And as you ask that question, you may also ask yourself, “Do I have the same courage to help victims like Serena find dignity?”

I picked this book up with a little trepidation, worried that the darkness might be too much. I was pleasantly surprised to find the light winning… even if only one life at a time. It is fairly well written, and I enjoyed it to the end.

Snyder Sarah

Review by Sarah Synder

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