Marketing & Social Media Tips Part 2


Thanks for coming back to read “Marketing Tips Part Two!” (Find part one on Social Media here if you haven’t read it yet!)

The tips I have below have come from different authors I’ve met, or agents who gave certain advice, or just research itself. Hope they help!

What the Pros have done: 

One night I went to an event to listen to an indie author talk about marketing. She is a cozy mystery writer, who was determined to be such a good author that Amazon would knock on her door and make her an offer. And they did. Did that get your attention?

What she told the audience about marketing was very gripping.

Her first story recounted the author of the DaVinci Code. Dan Brown and his publicist decided to take a risk and send copies of his book to over 300 major newspaper-book reviewers. Well, the risky strategy paid off! It was reviewed and he became a best-seller overnight!  

But, her first BIG piece of advice was that first you must actually HAVE A MARKETING PLAN in place before your book is published. If you have never thought about this before–do your research. Start now on the things that you can do to promote your book. There are great ideas from how to get reviews, to getting your book on blog hops & author interviews to readers & other authors helping with cover reveals, good read/amazon reviewers, sending out Arcs, setting up a street team, using social media etc. Even if you have an agent, or a great publisher, have a plan. 

A Tip from an Agent

I recently met up with an author who has a fantastic agent who got her an amazing two-book deal with a Big Five Publishing House. Her advice to my author friend was even more intriguing. “Put 10% of your advance aside to pay for a publicist.” Even with a marketing plan from the publishing house, she went on to explain that a publicist can do far more and is worth the money. This strategy will take cost you, but what investment doesn’t?

Back to cozy Mystery Writer tip two

Her second story was about a friend whose goal was to be on the USA Times Best Seller List–(All of her other books did well, but not best-seller well.) This time she was determined. So, she paid for Marketing Ads, Sponsored Adds, and other advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, in magazines, etc. She paid for over 1500 ads, and guess what? When her book released–she got on the USA Times best seller list!

Again, ads costs money. Money is an investment. Your book is an investment to your career and reputation. It just may pay off.

**That said, she also stressed that your ads and efforts must be directed where your audience is, or it’s pointless and will result to nothing. For example, her audience is NOT on Instagram. So posting on IG, interacting or promoting there or paying for IG ads would be a waste of money. BE RELEVANT to your audience! Post where THEY are reading and watching and engaging. 

The Kirkus Review

At that same meeting, I heard that you can pay $500 for a Kirkus Review but for some authors this will not be a useful tool. The author explained her review went something like this: “Fans of this author will be delighted.” It wasn’t a stellar review, polite yes but helpful to get more fans?  Not really. Again, know your audience and what will be worth your time & money. Different reviews like Kirkus are best perhaps left to your agent and you to decide together–where is most effective to get reviews? Which awards to compete for? Ask your peers if you are an indie author.

Amazon/Goodreads reviews

I just learned from an author that after 50 reviews, Amazon begins to promote your book more. You know those books below that say, “Customers who bought that book also bought…” That could be you! But first you need the reviews.

Another agented author told me that her BIG FIVE publisher would pay for more marketing IF her Goodreads marks on “Want to read” reached a certain number. So, if this is relevant to you, it could be worth your time to get a campaign/promote and spend your time on Social Media to get more Goodread hits.


Recently I was inspired by a local indie author who actively promotes her books at events. After asking a few more questions, I learned that she actively researches local and near-by events that are happening and buys a booth at them.

Are they only Book Events? I asked. No. It wasn’t.

She would buy a booth at anything from the local Farmer’s Market’s to Geek Girl Con to Christmas Bazaar’s to Sci-Fi Events to any kind of festival or event that allows local businesses or is open to the public. What a great idea, especially for indie authors!

She’ll often promote & post about the event on social media. The best news of all is that she sells a good amount of books at each event and has the chance to meet and engage readers and builds a following this way.

So, that’s all my interesting tips for today. More to come! In the mean time, learn more about being a Book Hero by supporting authors you love by reading the post below!

“Be a Book Hero”

Happy Writing, Reading & Marketing!

IMG_4556Nova, signing off.





Marketing Photo by Daniele Riggi on Unsplash

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