Writing Villians by Disney Author, Lorie Langdon

SP: First of all, congratulations on your 3 book deal with Disney to write a series of villains and their first love!

LL: Thanks so much! I’m thrilled to finally share the news!!

SP: In your social media reveal post you asked the question, do you think villains can be redeemed by love? So what do you say? 

LL: As to villains being redeemed by love, I have to say that entirely depends on how far they’ve gone the dark side (so to speak). But more often than not, a true villainous character cares about something more than love. Which means they will always put that passion or obsession above other’s needs, keeping them from experiencing the redemptive power of true love.

SP: We know you cannot reveal which villains you are writing yet, but we want to know, what has it been like to write a villain as an MC?

LL: It has been a fun, interesting challenge! I have never written from a villain’s POV, let alone write them as the protagonist of the story. But once I’m in that character’s head, it becomes easier and darkly satisfying! 

SP: What makes a good villain? 

A mix of humanity, evil, and humor.

SP: What is the hardest part about writing villains? 

Making them relatable! If I wrote them 100% evil, I think it would be difficult for people to invest in their stories. So, finding a balance of dark and light…leaning toward the dark…is key. 

SP: What are some of your favorite villains? 

Ursula and her overblown confidence and snarky sense of humor. The Evil Queen from Snow White, specifically Regina from the show Once Upon A Time. Regina is hard not to root for, even when she does terrible things! Loki is an all time favorite because of his evil genius, charm, and wicked sense of humor. As a child I loved rooting against Captain Hook. I mean, what would Peter Pan be without Hook?

Lorie Langdon

YA Author of the DOON Series, GILT HOLLOW, and OLIVIA TWIST

YA Portal Fantasy, CATCH THE LIGHT coming 2021.

DISNEY VILLAINS Series coming soon! 

To learn more visit: www.LorieLangdon.com

Signing off, Nova McBee, Author of Calculated

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